December 31, 2007

9 October 2006 Hanoi

What a gorgeous place Hanoi is. Went back to the Sunshine, and went to get the clothes which were not good. Bought a silk tapestry at the little shop across the road - beautiful. We went to see the Water Puppets, just the kids and me, which were fantastic. Also ran into some street vendors who wanted their picture taken with the giant boy :-)

Tim bought some CD's and Mike bought some T-shirts. John came round about 6.00 and Jim said he was too sick to go anywhere. Had the satay chicken again for dinner at the Sunshine - beautiful.

Slept on the floor as the door had no lock, which was interesting, especially after the train trip the night before.

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A story of a trip to Vietnam, with a lot of photos and some candid observations. I had a great time there, and would love to go back.