November 11, 2006

1st October - Xangsane typhoon hits Hoi An

More after photos here, than before and during, as we hunkered down between 7.00pm, and 8.00 am. Thought the eye of the storm was coming at 1.00 pm, so we went for breakfast. As usual nobody was ready, so Elly and I went first.

More about the typhoon can be read at

It was not a great thing, although breakfast, which only Elly and I went to, was interesting - got to talk with lots of people, including a family of 15, including their 82 year old mother and father, who were from Townsville. Got a bit worried about Tim and Jim, who, as it happened, had been taken elsewhere in the hotel because a window had smashed near them. Mike was in his room by himself, which was not good ;-( No power, flooding and hysteria, as well as the suggestion of singing and dancing (and, of course, some follow up) was the order of the day in the restaurant, where we were locked in, till the Rescue Committeee came to get us.

We went out walking about 5.00 that afternoon - no power, lots of destruction, but the repair started immediately. The river came up about 300 metres into the town (Jim says I'm exagerrating, which I could well be). Couldn't get my shoes, and eventually Carl and Stephanie got them for me a week later! Below is a photo of the Hoi An Hotel, with Laura.

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