November 10, 2006

29 and 30 September, Hoi An

29 September was spent mostly looking for the best tailor, but after an eventful 1.5 hours in the markets (the only tout in Hoi An!!!), we ended up at , recommended by at least two people - great service is probalby a bit of an oxymoron, but we had a dress made for Elly's Year 6 farewell for $45, three gorgeous shirts for me for only $17 each, in silk (hopefully to match the gorgeous skirt bought a year ago :-)), and the most beautiful skirt sets for $45 and $55 each. The shoes were $22 each, so we got Elly's to match. There'll be people out there who paid more/paid less, etc, but we're happy with what we got.

Picked up our clothes - fantastique! The 30th saw us going to My Son ancient relics on a $6 tour, but not before throwing everything into our suitcases, because of the threatened typhoon. After breakfast we took some photos of the raging ocean (a little worried about tsunamis), then off to the most miserably wet, soaking excursion ever! When we got back we had been evacuated to the Hoi An Resort in town, so went to pick up clothes. Shoes weren't ready, so had lunch instead. Asked Jim to get supplies for the cyclone - one Pringles and 1 large water latter retired to the restaurant at the Hoi An Hotel. The resident cat was being fed by a group of Korean and Japanese and Chinese girls :-)

The storm raged all night, with a lot of noise as the storm shutters shook, rattled and rolled! No much sleep that night.

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