November 19, 2006

Halong Bay overnight - gorgeous

On 3 October we walked up 445 steps to see a spectacular view. Carl was like a vision as he came into sight at the temple, carrying a 1 litre bottle of water! Everybody had a swim (although I was a little worried about sharks, and Elly took about an hour to get in the water!), and kayaked, and then onto top deck after dinner for a nap and one of the most serene times ever in the dark.

Our guide was fantastic (see above with Laura), and dealt beautifully with the American boy from hell, who complained, bullied and threatened most of the crew, about everything. In my travel days you wet along with most things and saved the whinging for important stuff, but he gave young people a very bad name generally. We were in bed and asleep by 8.30!!

Woke on the 4th October to an egg breakfast and went to another island to swim and walk up the top to another magnificent view. Took 2 hours to get back, and we had lunch at a restaurant in a hotel nearby. Had a bit of a snooze on the bus tri back and stopped for an icecream. Always afraid of what I'll miss out on when sleeping :-) Got our laundry, showered in the best ever shower, and had dinner with John and Ha in a little restuarant up the road. Fantastic!

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