November 12, 2006

Halong Bay - divine! 3 October has Hanoi and Halong Bay photos - a mix from Carl and Mike. Had dinner with John, Ha, Dave, Carl and Stephanie 69 mA May Street - in a private room. Had our laundry done 4 k for 4 US$, and oganised our trip to Halong Bay. Grat breakfast at the Sunshine 2 hotel omelet and incredible bread roll.

To get to Halong Bay, we first got a minibus to the bus station, then a bigger bus to Halong Bay, then on to the boat. I lost my sunglasses at the embroidery shop/workshop for children with disabilities/drink stop, and you'll see them in our photographs :-) Bought a silk embroidery in black and white, then onto boat.

Great lunch, and then onto the limestone caves. Still the people came to sell us things - see the picture of the woman in the boat (left below).

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A story of a trip to Vietnam, with a lot of photos and some candid observations. I had a great time there, and would love to go back.