October 27, 2006

From the Museum....28 September

We finally got in a taxi, about 10 km of 38 degree walking later :-), and wimped up to the Department Store - truly astonding. I had a bowl of Pho for lunch. Room service again for dinner, and watching the river in all it's glory again!

We started this day with a taxi directly to the Reunification Palace and the best guide in the world. We learnt more in two hours than you could in a year at school, or reading 10 books.

We needed to be at the ariport to get the plane to DaNang, and of course got a taxi which tried to inflate the fare - which would have been okay, but to do this he needed to take more than half an hour to get back :-) Finally at the hotel, and the staff of the tiny dress shop were very taken with Tim's hair.

On our way to DaNang, and then the Hoi An Beach Resort.

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A story of a trip to Vietnam, with a lot of photos and some candid observations. I had a great time there, and would love to go back.