October 27, 2006

On with the show 27 September 2006

Enough of the Mekong Delta, even though it was great! But first, the lacquer factory, near the Women's Museum - fantastic, and even though the prices are inflated, you know you're getting the genuine article. The plates and paintings, etc, were things I used to think of as junk, but am now very enamoured of them.

Breakfast at the Riverside was fabulous - omelettes made specially for each person. After that we had a very big walk, I'm estimating 10 km, and most of that up and down the same street :-) Just as we were reaching frustration in trying to find the War Remnants Museum, and after seeing Notre Dame and the Post Office (a monument in itself!), a lovely man took us across the road and there it was. We tried to tip him, but he refused, and I wondered if he was perhaps a "displaced" person from the American War.

The Museum was astounding - one of the simplest but most moving places I've been. The bias of the commentary is accepted, the pictures tell their own story. We spent about an hour and a half looking - that is everybody, kids and all.

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