October 16, 2006

More on the Mekong Delta and HCM City

After an hour and a half drive with the tour guide who had everything - an apartment, Chinese husband, baby, nanny, plasma TV, etc, etc, we got on a sort of big tour boat (just the five of us!). Next was the bee farm, to sample fruits and watch singing and a small band play, as well as sample coconut sweets.

After this we got into a small "canoe" and then paddled to a larger canoe, and then to Unicorn Island. This is where we got an even bigger boat again. Then back in the boat and back to the bus for lunch in a torrential downpour. The restaurant was by the river, and was spectacular in all ways. The lovely tour guide gave Tim a cyclo made from coconut shell for his birthday.

When we got back to the riverside, Tim and I went for a walk, where we got a bit lost near the riverside. A man on a motorbike speaking to another man on a motorbike decided to try and mug us, but we ran through the puring rain to escape. Something to remember turning 14, I guess! We had room service :-)

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